A premium 16 bay Toptracer Range with beautiful views of the Rhondda Valleys

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FREE Swing Assessment

With thousands of golfers enjoying our courses every year, we’re sure we are the best club!

Founded by a band of Scotsmen, proud people of the country where the game itself was invented originally, this club stays true to the old world traditions of the game.

We are very welcoming of newcomers so please join us at the only driving range in the Rhondda. 

Just Play Golf

Performance Programme

Would you like to improve your game?

• Fixing that terrifying slice
• Getting handicaps down by 5 strokes or more?
• Turning volatile hooks into a sexy baby draws
• Helping you add 20 yards or more (maybe hitting the back fence)
• Turning swing that becomes erratic under pressure into a reliable swing that is delivered with ice-cold consistency?
• Putt like Jordan Speith (or at least more like Jordan Speith)?
• Start winning the money instead of handing over that crisp £5 note every week?
• Stop the chipping yips?

Matthew Phythian PGA can help

If any of these sound like you then you have come to the right place.

I could spend the next 20 minutes of your life telling you how great I am, but the truth is I’m not. I’ll tell you what I do have that is special and I’ll tell you what I can and can’t do and then I’ll leave it to some of my golfers to let you know what they think.

Start with a FREE SWING assessment


Analyse your current swing in detail using some pretty cool software called GC2 HMT, so that we have a clear understanding of what is causing your major problem areas (and how to fix them).

Build your bespoke and personalised Golfers Success Blueprint, designed to lower your handicap and iron out the weaknesses in your game.