Golf Performance Programme

Where we could start?

  • Fixing that terrifying slice
  • Getting handicaps down by 5 strokes or more?
  • Turning volatile hooks into a sexy baby draws
  • Helping you add 20 yards or more to dismal drives and leaving playing partners shocked and jealous
  • Turning swing that become erratic under pressure into a reliable swing that  is deliveed with ice-cold consistency?
  • Putt like Jordan Speith (or at least more like Jordan Speith)?
  • Start winning the money instead of handing over that crisp £ note every week?
  • Stop the chipping yips?

If any of the above sound like you then you have come to the right place. I could spend the next 20 minutes of your life telling you how great I am, but the truth is I’m not. I’ll tell you what I do have that is special and I’ll tell you what I can and can’t do and then I’ll leave it to some of my golfers to let you know what they think.

golf ball, hole

golf ball, hole


Alistair Holland

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Alistair Holland,

I have been working with Matt for two months now having engaged his services to improve my game by rectifying the inconsistencies I have – and there are plenty!

Our first session was an exploratory one where Matt took the time to understand my frustrations but more importantly for me he also wanted to understand that my goals with golf were. Whilst he reviewed my golf swing and took some video analysis it was evident from the off that Matt’s approach was far wider than the mechanics of my swing – he actually cared about my golf game and not about just trying to make me a scratch golfer!

Throughout the sessions I have had with Matt the most reassuring part is his patience and his ability to let me understand what I’m doing right as well as what I was doing wrong. There are times when we do 5/6 different drills to achieve the same output so I can understand what it is I need to do – to me that’s the most important part, learning but also remembering to be able to retain and implement.

I look forward to our lessons, Matt’s enthusiasm and care about my game helps me want to practice and learn and I look forward to improving further. Being able to understand what I am doing with the golf ball and being able to implement that for the first time in 20 years is testament to his coaching. I couldn’t recommend Matt more highly.

Alistair Holland


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Alex Morris

short game, putting

Alex Morris,

I’m a 53 year old who had a lucky 16 handicap looking for more control.  I love the game of golf but not shooting my handicap was grinding me down.  Basically I wanted to find more fairways with a bit more distance off the tees; I struggled getting over 200 yards.  I met Matt very briefly at Cardiff Golf Centre in Began Park when he fitted me for a complete set of golf clubs.  That chance meeting proved invaluable when I signed up to a group of lessons.  Rather than dismantle my game completely he worked with my limited skill.  Recognising a fundamental fault in my grip and shoulder alignment my handicap dropped by two shots within two lessons.  I feel I could even get down to the lower double figures and I feel more confident on the tees.  I also valued Matts’ critical analysis and honesty without the golf jargon or gimmicks; he tapped in to my psyche’ and also worked on the mind side of the game.  On that one lesson alone I think I only hit about 10 balls.  I also like the advice he gives outside of those lessons and he always responds to my angst riddled messages (even though I’m hitting my new handicap).  If you value candour and are willing to listen to someone who will invest in you then I would strongly commend Matt to you.  By the way, my longest drive since those first lessons, measured with my Golf Caddy, was over 260 yards.  Not a bad return for my investment.

Alex Morris Architect and Golfer

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3, 6 & 12 Month Performance Packages

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GLF. LOCKER APP  – This is an app that is a forum between myself and the player. You will be able to post videos and questions in the app and I will you in-depth feedback in-between sessions to help keep you on track.


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